GNU Emacs: GnuPG, DefaultEncrypt, ExtendSMIME

I’m using ↑GNU Emacs for almost everything related to text processing. In particular, for e-mail and news I’m using ↑Gnus.

GNU Emacs comes with built-in support for ↑GnuPG, e.g., via the ↑EasyPG Assistant, which is able to en- and decrypt files with the extension .gpg transparently if you put the following into your ~/.emacs:

(require 'epa-file)
(setq epa-file-encrypt-to "<your keyid>")

Moreover, ↑Gnus supports GnuPG via the insertion of so-called MML secure tags, which contain encryption instructions to be performed before a message is sent. However, in the past I sent plaintext e-mails (more than once, I’m afraid) that really should have been encrypted ones. To prevent myself from forgetting to encrypt e-mails again, I wrote ↑DefaultEncrypt.

DefaultEncrypt aims for automatic insertion of MML secure tags into messages if public keys (either OpenPGP public keys or S/MIME certificates) for all recipients are available. In addition, before a message is sent, the user is asked if plaintext should really be sent unencryptedly when public keys for all recipients are available.

In general, I ↑recommend OpenPGP via GnuPG over S/MIME (which is the default for Gnus). If you are really interested in S/MIME then I suggest that you take a look at ↑ExtendSMIME.

My signed versions are available here:

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